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I am very pleased with my experience at Diabecare Clinic in Nerul. Dr. Mahesh Padsalge and his team have made the nice and neat clinic a very friendly and homely place. They have been partners in our good health. The advice from friendly and young staff, and video presentations cover all aspects of educating the patients in Diabetes care and Obesity control. Dr. Mahesh Padsalge is particularly easy to talk to, puts in much effort to make the patients understand in simple layman’s language, and flexible in his approach. He is easy to contact by phone and email.

I went there initially concerning my Diabetes, but found he has become our family doctor, even though my own brother in the city is an MD in General Medicine. Nerul is fortunate to have such a set-up.

~ Dr. Rachel ~

Orthodontist and Dental Surgeon.

I (Mrs. Cecelia D”costa aged 72 yrs) , am diabetic and hypertensive .I have been treated for the same for the past 10 years, but I could not lead a normal life as I always feel dizzy .My weight also did not come under control inspite of daily walks and a controlled diet. I have to leave my job too.

My granddaughter suggested Dr.Mahesh and I decided to consult him. Around August I started my treatment from Dr.Mahesh. Day by day I found myself improving and after six months of treatment I have lost a lot of weight. I have stopped feeling dizzy and drowsy and I feel quite normal and energetic. I am sure within a year I will be healthy again.

~ Mrs .Cecelia De”costa ~

I found that Diabecare is a place where I actually started to get a proper and required treatment for Diabetes. I actually started feeling relaxed now. The way doctor explained me what Diabetes actually means? made me ensure that I will be completely alright here.

We are thankful that Dr.Padsalge has started special treatment for diabetes which became a need for the present generation. We got the right place for our treatment. The staff working was also good.

~ Mr. Anand Dongre ~

As Per our Family Doctors Reference I took my mother Mrs. Saurabai Raut to Dr. Mahesh Padsalge, Diabecare, Nerul. At the time of first visit my mother’s blood sugar level was 430 mg/dl.

Doctor started medication immediately and after one month her Blood sugar levels were Fasting 119mg/dl and postprandial Blood sugar 230 mg/dl. With Proper treatment and guidance of Dr. Mahesh Padslage and his supporting staffs I hope my mother will improve very soon.

~ Mrs. Saurabai Raut ~

I am suffering from Diabetes for the past 24 yrs. Until I met Dr.Mahesh Padsalge my sugar levels were always around 360 to 400mg/dl. But after treatment with Dr.Mahesh Padsalge my sugar level came down around 119 to 150 mg/dl.

I am very much satisfied with the treatment of Dr. Mahesh Padsalge.

~ Mr. Kashinath Bhau ~